House Votes to Cut NSA Funding

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Last night the House voted to cut funding for the NSA. The vote was 293-123, really overwhelming. To gain this big a margin of victory, lots of Democrats had to have voted for this. Hopefully this can get similar support in the Senate.


Totheroh for District 1 Supervisor

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A quick plug for Dan Totheroh in tomorrows election. He actually has some understanding of the forces behind LADWP and their industrial solar plan for the Manzanar area. Utilities have managed to have distributed solar not counted in their mandate to achieve 30% renewables.

Whatever you do, do not vote for Tanksley. This is a person with a bumper sticker reading "Log it, mine it, graze it, burn it.".


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In Oklahoma, ALEC, a Koch lobbying group has successfully pushed through a bill placing a monthly fee on those who generate their own power. Here we have clear evidence of how the utility industry hates solar power.

By Ari Phillips April 25
The right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an influential lobbying group composed of Republican politicians and big businesses, is in the middle of the state- and local-level clean energy disputes that are currently evolving almost as quickly as the solar and wind technologies themselves. ALEC, known for advancing corporate interests, is aligned with the Koch brothers in the current heated exchange — how to make distributed solar power look bad.

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Earliest 80 Degree Temp Ever

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Howard Scheckter reported that the Bishop airport recorded an 81 degree temperature yesterday. This was the earliest 80 degree temp ever recorded in the Owens Valley.


Holiday Dinner

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The Owens River Democratic Club will enjoy a holiday dinner December 3rd at Whiskey Creek. Let Doug know if you plan to attend so he can make the reservation.


Also note, there will be no November or December meeting.

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